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Since 2015.

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About Us

Locksmith On Demand - Here We Are!

We are your one-stop-point for all your lock and key issues. Whether it is residential lock solution, commercial lock repair and installation, key duplication, or automotive key programming, overall door lock service, among other key solutions, we got you covered. 

Are you looking for an expert locksmith in Toronto? Look no further!


What our customer say

“Roman was great, He was able to make me a new set of keys for my 2014 dodge charger and even took the time to explain the programming process”.

Alex G.


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We love to solve all locksmith issues. Starting from a simple lock change, thorough car key replacement, to complex commercial access control services.

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Call House Lockout Sandy Springs When You Are Locked Outside Your Home

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Commercial locksmith services play a vital role in keeping businesses safe.



Locked Out Of House Locksmith Services 

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Car Locksmith
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how Can We Help You?

At locksmith on Demand, we hire only highly-trained and knowledgeable locksmiths. Here are common situations when you might need a trained and professional car locksmith.

Reliable & affordable Locksmith services

Having an issue with one of your locks is a frustrating situation. It’s one of the things you’ve to call up for a locksmith. Moreover, when you’re Googling “lock service near me”, or any other phrase, you may end up with a long list of options to choose from.

Don’t order a shady locksmith service

We are a local locksmith service in Toronto. We are here to stay! Our clientele is much more important to us than a few bucks.

Let the good time roll!

We do things in the old good fashion. No hassle, no rush. We want to make sure our clients to have a reliable locksmith service to call on whenever they think about a locksmith.

Word of mouth – our strongest power

Though internet and Google become the only way to find out about locksmith services near you, our main clientele comes by word of mouth.