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If you need a copy of your car key made in Toronto or in fact anywhere in the GTA – we have the experience where it counts! We are a locally based, family-owned operation and offer fast and reliable service when it comes to meeting your needs for auto car key duplicating services. We have team members spread across the GTA – so we can respond quickly to your inquiry. One of our experts is typically at your service within 20 minutes. Time is your most valuable asset – so don’t waste it with slower service providers. You can trust us to meet all your duplication needs.

Can I make a copy myself?

We don’t recommend this course of action. The key machinery of modern motor vehicles is incredibly complex. The DIY course of action may irreparably damage your car lock. Leave it to the experts.

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What steps must I take to get a spare key for my car?

The first step is to make note of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). YOu will also need to supply your make and model (and year) of the motor vehicle. Once the locksmith has this information they can make a duplicate car key.

If I have a standard car key – does that make a difference?

Old school car keys are easier to make. However, modern key fobs are increasingly in use. The effort it takes to make copies of these is considerable, they are extremely precise. These modern key fobs are complex, and therefore they are more costly to duplicate. This provides even more reason to make use of our services – you can trust us to get the job done right, the first time and at a reasonable cost.

Why should I make copies of my car keys?

Being locked out of your car is an unpleasant experience. Accidents are called accidents for a reason – they give no warning. An extra set of car keys is a simple precaution. Use one – and keep others spare. This avoids the inconvenience of being stranded at home or at the roadside.

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Does it make a difference which tool is used for car key duplication?

The type of machinery used to duplicate car keys is extremely important. Hardware stores and car dealerships use a wide variety of machinery. Each piece and type of machinery will impact how long it takes to make the duplicate and the effort that is required. This in turn will impact price. Precision machinery is required in order to make your car key copy efficiently – so that you can be back on the road as quickly as possible.

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