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A securely locked door is the first line of defense against any unauthorized access. Unfortunately, many home or office owners choose to ignore the importance of maintenance and security of the main entrance. If you want a sense of security and complete peace of mind, then you should keep looking for upgraded security solutions. If you are still using old conventional locks on your home or office, then it’s time you go for new and more secure protection.

There are lots of new and high-security locks available in the market and deadbolt locks are one of these. They are an effective and stronger alternative to the old traditional locks and are available in the market at reasonable prices. They are more efficient and hard to break than ordinary locks.

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Deadbolt lock – A stronger line of defense

Deadbolt locals come in lots of designs and shapes that can be bought and installed by professional locksmiths. These can be seen together with locks having integrated biometric access control systems. Many homeowners choose to install only a locked doorknob. But doorknobs use a latch system that isn’t tough to break. Any intruder with a little bit of knowledge of locks can break the spring, and the doorknob will be released.

With a deadbolt, the house is more secure as they use a large, thick metal bolt. Picking these locks isn’t easy for intruders and breaking these large, heavy metal bolts take a significant amount of external force applied for a longer period which creates loud noise that would attract attention. This means if you are using a deadbolt lock, intruders and thieves would hesitate to take the risk.

Deadbolt lock installation and repair services

We at Locksmith on demand, hire only highly-trained and experienced locksmiths and technicians who can work with all types of door locks and security mechanisms. Our team is always ready to help you in any emergency situation to make sure that your home or business is well protected. We can install deadbolt locks, including high-security deadbolt locks for commercial properties, which act as an additional layer of protection and security from unwanted access.

We are available anytime, anywhere

We also offer deadbolt repair services that include extraction of broken keys inside the lock, or misaligned door locks, jammed or stuck deadbolts. No matter what type of lock you have at your house, we have seen it and worked on it. Our certified and licensed locksmith technicians have installed and repaired tens of thousands of locks before you.

Don’t leave your security up to inexperienced locksmiths just because they quote a cheaper price. Call Locksmith on Demand, if you are serious about the security of your house and loved ones and we will get it fixed for you.

FAQ – Deadbolt lock

There are tons of locksmith services in Toronto. In order to choose the right locksmith technician for you, is to to look up for reviews.

We don’t give a price just to fish a client, and then change the price. Once you have a quote, the price wont change, unless the job description is wrong.

Changing a lock takes about 30 minutes – however it depends on the lock type and the door style.

This is why we record video testimonials. It’s important to have transparency communication with our clients.

Changing the locks is more expensive then Rekey and you should change it if the locks are broken or old and rustic, or if you wish to upgrade your lock to a better security lock.

Rekey a lock or Rekeying means you are changing the keys- without changing the lock. you keep the same lock- but the old key will no longer work. you change the pins inside the locks, this way you set a new that will operate the lock. it is a cheaper way then changing your locks and secure.

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