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Your door is more than just an entrance to your house or area. It provides unseen protection against intruders or outsiders. Usually, any residential or commercial door is more than just a giant piece of hardware and involves several working parts that play along to open or close the door. The strength and integration of these parts determine how secure your business is, and how safe it is for people living in the house or business.

Types of door closers

While there are many types of door closers available in the market and you can find anywhere from cheap to expensive door closer installation service as well, you still need to choose the one that fits perfectly to your business or house. Door closers may vary in terms of size, color, and functionality and they all offer the same purpose – to keep the door closed. Without having a properly working door closer, even the most efficient security system or card access control system is going to be useless, so it is important to make sure that all the moving parts are working fine and don’t require any external force to open or close the door. This could be the sign of weakened doors.

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There are five types of door closers that you can easily find in the market:

Traditional old-style door closers

Modern door closers with or without cover

Concealed door closers

Concealed in-frame door closers

Concealed in floor door closers

Our services

Door closers are meant to open and close doors safely and easily. Mainly there are two main categories of door closers: manual and automatic. Manual door closers are opened by push and gently close afterward. These are ideal for commercial spaces; as they keep the door close after the person enters and leaves the path. Automatic door closers use electrical energy to open and close the door, making it ideal for commercial spaces like hospitals, clinics, where you need to have a smooth entry and exit without getting it open physically every time.

Our expert technicians at Locksmith on Demand offer the following services:

Door closer installation and repair service

Push and pull side mounts installation and repair service

Concealed door closers installation and repair service

Hydraulic closer parts installation and repair service

Locking mechanisms installation and repair service

No matter what the issue or requirement you are having with your door closer, we can help. We offer:

Door closer installation – Not every commercial building comes with doors that have doors closer. To make your property’s infrastructure a little smart, you can get door closers installed. We’ll be happy to offer you a customized yet affordable door closer installation service that would last for many years to come.

Door closer repair – Our expert team of technicians can diagnose the issue with door closers and repair it quickly.

Door closer replacement – if your door closer has been damaged or not working as intended, we’ll make sure it gets repaired at the earliest and working properly.

Why choose Locksmith on Demand?

We understand that time is a precious asset and that’s why to prioritize every client every time they need a quick door closer installation or repair service. When you need repair or the installation service without any delay, you can choose our professional service.

We are fast

So, how do we get our job done so fast? The answer is that our team is always ready to help the local community with their security and locks related issues. We understand that when you are stuck out of your car, house, or having issues with door closers, it is called for urgency. Our expert technicians are well-prepared and well-equipped with all the necessary tools and techniques to deliver you a high-quality service without any further delay so you can get back to your back.

We are cost-effective

Unlike many other companies, we strive for excellence and working to make our community a safer place to live. We keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing the quality of service.

We are reliable

Locksmith on Demand offers all kinds of locksmith services that range from door closer installation to high-security system service. We guarantee client satisfaction and don’t leave the property until you are happy with the service. If you ever need any kind of locksmith service, feel free to give us a call. We are available round the clock to service you!

FAQ – Door Closer Installation

There are tons of locksmith services in Toronto. In order to choose the right locksmith technician for you, is to to look up for reviews.

We don’t give a price just to fish a client, and then change the price. Once you have a quote, the price wont change, unless the job description is wrong.

Changing a lock takes about 30 minutes – however it depends on the lock type and the door style.

This is why we record video testimonials. It’s important to have transparency communication with our clients.

Changing the locks is more expensive then Rekey and you should change it if the locks are broken or old and rustic, or if you wish to upgrade your lock to a better security lock.

Rekey a lock or Rekeying means you are changing the keys- without changing the lock. you keep the same lock- but the old key will no longer work. you change the pins inside the locks, this way you set a new that will operate the lock. it is a cheaper way then changing your locks and secure.

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