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Door closers are an important element of a security system at residential or commercial property. Door closers are used to close doors without human intervention. They are mounted for two primary reasons.

First door closes are a security constituent because they ensure that the door is securely shut down whether someone closes it or not manually. Second, they help to make sure that in case of a fire incident, it can be stopped to spread to one part of the building or from one area to another. Door closes are also good to keep the indoor air inside and stop outside air from coming inside.

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Door Closers – why do you need these?

Although many people entering inside or outside of a building won’t even notice the existence of door closers being installed above their heads. The device ensures that the door closes securely whenever anyone leaves the room or area. Door closers are frequently used on the entrance or exit doors, service doors, or kitchen doors.

In addition to providing convenience and security, the door closes also keep small insects, or mice, etc. out of the room, and also help to maintain the room’s temperature. A number of factors need to be considered when the property owner needs to make the purchasing decision including the size of the door, functionality, and weight of the door, or whether you are going to install it on an interior or exterior door.

Door closers are usually made to secure the main entrance of a building. Mostly these are used at commercial buildings where people constantly walk in and out of the infrastructure.

Door closer installation and replacement

There is a wide range of door closers to choose from, including door closers being mounted on served or concealed. Door closers installation is a little bit tricky and requires the expertise of a professional locksmith.

Our team at Locksmith on Demand is highly-trained and can deal with all types of door locks or closers. Due to a wide array of door closers, you might feel overwhelmed when buying these. Our team can not only install the door close at your building but also would help you to choose the best door closer that will fit your needs and budget.

Door closer repair services

Just like any piece of hardware being installed at your home or office, door closers can get old with time. Our locksmith will diagnose the possible issue and repair or replace the door closer to maximize your security.

Our locksmiths have installed and repaired hundreds of door closers and most of the clients are commercial property owners. We are available 24×7. You can call us anytime for door closer or locks-related work.

FAQ – Door Closer

There are tons of locksmith services in Toronto. In order to choose the right locksmith technician for you, is to to look up for reviews.

We don’t give a price just to fish a client, and then change the price. Once you have a quote, the price wont change, unless the job description is wrong.

Changing a lock takes about 30 minutes – however it depends on the lock type and the door style.

This is why we record video testimonials. It’s important to have transparency communication with our clients.

Changing the locks is more expensive then Rekey and you should change it if the locks are broken or old and rustic, or if you wish to upgrade your lock to a better security lock.

Rekey a lock or Rekeying means you are changing the keys- without changing the lock. you keep the same lock- but the old key will no longer work. you change the pins inside the locks, this way you set a new that will operate the lock. it is a cheaper way then changing your locks and secure.

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