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Door Hinge Repair Toronto

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Professional Door Hinge Repair

Door hinges are used to open and close doors. They are also used to secure a door to its frame. Hinges are an essential component of the construction, whether you are hanging a new door or changing an old one. Whenever they come apart, Locksmith on Demand are here to help. Here are our door hinge repair services in Toronto:

All doors come with a rating label which is placed on each part of the door, the hinge, door panel, and the frame.

Locksmith on Demand carry and work with all types of metal hallow doors so don’t hesitate to contact us for your next project.

Commercial Door Hinge Repair Toronto

Doors have a part that allows them to turn around. This part is called a pivot. Pivots have different parts: the leaf, knuckle, pin, and sleeves. Although there are different types of pivots because of the different sizes of doors available, they all have similar parts. The type of pivot used will depend on the door. For example, private and commercial front entry doors are made differently and require different types of pivots. There are also inside doors that require their own special pivots: room doors and cabinet doors.

Every time you open and close a door, it puts a little bit of pressure on the hinges. Over time, with everyday use, the pieces of the hinges will come loose or break. If somebody were to break into your home through the door, the whole hinge would probably sever the door completely. Then you would have to replace the whole hinge and all of its pieces.

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Our Door Hinge Repair Services

Many business doors have rotating pivots. There might be 2 or 3 turn pivots used on each door and no more. The problem with using turn pivots is that they are more likely to loosen up and come off. When using turn pivots with private doors, it is not a problem because those doors are often made from a lighter weight material. Business doors are often made of metal or steel. This makes them much heavier and it puts more weight on the turn pivots.

If you have a broken part and need to replace it, it is best to use a continuous hinge. This type of hinge runs the whole length of the door, from top to bottom. This way, the weight of the door is evenly distributed onto the hinge, which makes it more sturdy. Continuous hinges usually last for many years and don’t often break. The only thing that can damage a continuous hinge is if it gets damaged itself.

If you have a door with turn pivots, the screw openings can get stripped. This happens when the screws become loose and start to fall out of the openings. When this happens, your pivots will fall off because they are not attached to the door jamb anymore. You cannot just screw the pivots back on because of the stripped openings. The only way to fix this is to fill the openings with dowels and then place new screws into them.

The stripped openings need to be bored through so poplar dowels can fit into them. After the dowels are introduced, a bore (3/8 in width) is used to make new openings for the dowels. Lastly, the pivots are reattached onto the door jamb.

Staying or Sagging Doors? Read this!

The main sign that your door hinges are causing you problems is when your doors start to hang or stick. This can be fixed by tightening all the hinges. Sometimes, the hinges may need to be replaced so they are aligned with the door. Additionally, attention needs to be paid to the supports and whether there is a possibility that the edges of the door need to be sanded.

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Door Hinge Repair Toronto & Adjustment

Door pivot changes are important for a proper door hinge adjustment. The top pivot is the main one to change since it is exposed to more wear from the weight of the door. If the top pivot was originally installed with short screws, they may pull out quickly with continued use, causing a drooping door that is hard to close. To fix this, you need to use longer screws to tighten the top pivot and wood pillar, which will cause the door to fix the droopiness.

Issues with Mortise Hinges

The wood needs to be cut away before the pivot can be introduced. This region of the wood is known as the mortise. Most doors are made with machines in an industrial facility, which means you will probably have adequate sizing and functionality. If the mortise was handmade, it may cause certain issues with the pivot over time, such as making the door harder to close.

Supplanting Door Hinge Repair Toronto

The standard door has 3 pivots. If one of the pivots is causing an issue, you can remove the screws from that pivot and replace it with a new one. The other 2 pivots should be able to hold the door in place while you’re doing this. Make sure that the new pivot is the same size as the old one and that you use longer screws if necessary.

Door Hinge Repair Toronto & Installation

Most people decide whether they can put in a new door based on the door that is already there. If the new door needs different pivots, it makes the project more difficult. Sometimes it is better to buy a new door that comes with the right pivots. If you don’t do that, you need to make sure the mortise zones (the spaces where the pivots go) are properly processed so the pivots fit well and the door works correctly. It is important to work with a professional who knows what they are doing to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Door Hinge Repair Toronto

You may need to replace your door pivots, or just grease them up if they’re giving you issues. All the opening and shutting of a door will wear out its pivots. In the long run, you may see your door making a strange noises or become harder to use. If there are noises, it’s an indication that grease is needed on the pivots. If the door isn’t closing properly, try to rearrange the pivots and fix the screws. If this doesn’t work, your screw openings might be too stripped for a simple fix.

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