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Top 5 Door Lock Problems and How to Fix Them

Property owners may often see themselves facing problems with their door locks – perhaps the doors are not closing correctly, or the lock key broke. Whatever the issue is, it can negatively impact the security of a residential or commercial space.

If you encounter a door lock problem and are unsure how to fix it, this blog is for you. Read along to understand the different causes of faulty door locks and how you can fix them.

Top 5 Common Door Lock Problems Everyone Faces

The most common door lock issues that property owners face with their faulty lock systems are:

1. Loose Door Locks

It is common for doors to suffer wear and tear, which can result in faulty parts – homeowners may notice that the locks, knobs or handles of their doors are loose overtime and wonder what the potential risks are – after all, doors that contain loose parts are an easy target for burglars to break-in any property.

But break-ins and invasions are not the only safety concern,  for instance, if any residential or commercial fire-rated door has faulty locks or knobs, it can contribute to a fire hazard, as this defect can impair someone’s ability to escape the fire.

2. Misaligned Door Locks

Misaligned locks signify that the strike plates in a door do not align with the locking bolt – meaning there is an issue with the door’s lock mechanism. Doors installed incorrectly are often the cause of this particular issue, exposing commercial and residential properties to outside dangers.

3. Broken Keys

If your key breaks in your door lock, removing it by yourself is not the most efficient solution – doing so incorrectly may cause further damage to your lock system, so it is best to have a professional remove any broken keys.

4. Jammed Locks

Locks can jam when debris accumulates and clogs a lock’s internal mechanism or when the latch or lock bolt breaks. Although there are different reasons for locks to jam, the outcome is the same – a jammed lock stops your door from working correctly.

5. Damaged Set Screw

If the entire cylinder turns when you twist your key inside your lock, your set screw is somehow damaged. Damaged set screws unpredictable since it limits when your door locks and unlocks – which can be dangerous for you and your property.

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Top Reasons Why Door Lock Problems Occur

Door locks can break due to several factors. Here are some reaspns of why door problem occurs:

  • Malfunctions present in lock mechanisms or latch assemblies
  • Frozen locking mechanism
  • Slipped locking mechanism
  • Accumulated debris or dust inside the locks
  • Loose doorknobs
  • Broken keys
  • Rusty locks
  • Latch and strike plates not aligned
  • Wear and tear

How Can I Fix My Door Lock Problems?

how to fix door lock problems

Door lock problems often emerge from loose set screws, wrapped door jambs or faulty strikers in the door latch – for instance, strikers may not slip into the jamb once the door shuts. In cases like this, doors simply do not lock properly.

If you understand how faulty door locks operate, there are simple steps to fix door lock problems you can take:

  • Open the door to examine the striker plate located on the jamb
  • If the plate is loose, tight the set screws with a proper screwdriver
  • Upon trying to lock the door, ensure it does so correctly. If not, pry the doorstop with a chisel until the striker comes loose
  • Remove the nails in the doorstop using pliers and put the striker back on the jamb, aligning the nails once again to the doorstop
  • Nail the door back and shut it again to lock it properly

1. Fixing Loose Door Locks

If you have loose door locks, door knobs or handles, the way to fix them is simply to tighten them up with a screwdriver. Upon doing this, if you notice that this problem persists, it means the internal mechanics of the lock itself are faulty and need replacement. The best option is for you to contact an expert locksmith.

2. Fixing Misaligned Door Locks

Sometimes, the misalignment is an issue with the door rather than the lock – and if that is the case for you, using screws to tighten the door hinges will correct the door’s configuration. However, if the issue is with misaligned door locks, simply tightening the hinges will not work!

For a misaligned door lock problem, you must adjust the strike plate by unscrewing it and then repositioning it in order to line it up with the latch – keep in mind that the door bolt should remain within the plate.

If this turns out to be very complicated, don’t fret – a Locksmith on Demand professional will quickly assist you. 

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3. Fixing Broken Keys

The best way to fix a broken key is with the help of a locksmith. They will remove the broken pieces from your door lock with an extraction kit and finally examine your lock in order to test it. 

An experienced locksmith like Locksmith on Demand can quickly use a spare key to ensure the bolt extends and retracts properly. If your lock mechanism is left intact, it is a clear sign that your lock is working.

4. Fixing Jammed Locks

For jammed locks, you first need to determine what caused the locks or latches to jam – if your jammed locks are dirty, lube will easily remove any debris obstructing your lock; however, a professional locksmith will go to your aid if the cause for your jammed locks is a broken latch that requires replacement.

5. Fixing a Set Screw

To fix your faulty set screws – hold your door cylinder carefully and dismantle your lock to take a better look at the screws. If there is too much damage or rust, it is best to replace the screws and ensure the cylinder is firm where it should be. Only then can you close your door and test your lock.

Contact Locksmith on Demand for All of Your Door Lock Problems

Our professional locksmiths provide lock emergency services for residential and commercial properties in Toronto and the GTA.

If you have an issue with your door locks, call us at 647-477-4108 today and rest assured that we will fix it right away!


My key won’t turn. What should I do?

If your key is suddenly not turning on your lock, the problem can easily be the key itself. However, if you have an issue with your lock system, rest assured that one of our reliable locksmiths will take a look at your misaligned door for you!

How can Locksmith on Demand fix my frozen lock?

If you need assistance with a frozen key, you can easily heat it with lock deicers. If you don’t have any tools available to heat your key, give Locksmith on Demand a call.

Do you offer emergency services?

Yes – Locksmith on Demand has professionals available 24/7 for your residential or commercial property. We repair and install locks and security systems to guarantee your home or business is safe anytime, anywhere.

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