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Call a professional locksmith for door repair in Toronto.

If you are looking for excellent services, great people to work with, and super friendly customer-friendly staff, then Locksmith On Demand is the place to be.

  • Besides the best prices and quality of work we offer, we go the extra mile to ensure we provide the services when needed.
  • Recently, we had a client who called asking for door repair services.
  • He was near town, hence needed someone to go to his location.
  • Working round the clock, we were able to respond to his request in the shortest time possible.
  • We fixed the garage door fast, leaving the customer happy with the services.
  • With fair prices listed in our price catalog, you can verify the costs.
  • We are honest in our dealings and trustworthy when it comes to dealing with private property.
  • If you need a door repair service, then you need to hire the services of a professional locksmith.
  • Many benefits come with the services of an expert.
  • Door repair includes roller replacement, fixing broken cables, and bent tracks, as well as replacing damaged weather strips. We also have a door closer installation services.
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Protecting what matters most starts with secure doors. Explore our wide range of door installation and repair services. Trust Locksmith On Demand to fortify your home or business today!

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Broken spring repair

  • When it comes to a garage door, it is not operational without springs.
  • A door will require springs to keep it aligned and to make opening and closing efficient.
  • Due to the weight put on the springs, they wear out and break more often, despite their quality.
  • Working with worn out and broken springs is taking a high risk.
  • You need to repair or replace them as soon as you realize a problem with them.
  • Changing garage door springs can seem like a straight forward task.
  • However, it is a complicated job that requires a specialist’s skills to carry out.
  • Otherwise, an inexperienced person trying to carry out the job by themselves will be putting their lives at risk.
  • With us, all your garage door spring issues are in the right hands.
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Broken panel replacement

  • Garage door panels are the most significant component of the garage door.
  • Also, of all the other parts of a garage door, this is the part that is most prone to wearing out and being broken.
  • This is because it is exposed to both sides of the door.
  • It is not once or twice that we bang a vehicle on the garage door as we park.
  • Other times we park the car too close to the garage door that when a person pushes the door slightly, there ends up to bumps on the garage door.
  • There are myriads of reasons why your garage door will need repair or replacement.
  • For this task, the help of a specialist is required.
  • Experienced and skillful professionals will address the situation and know the right call to make.
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Door inspection services

  • The condition of a garage door says a lot about the home or business owner.
  • Garage doors are the first thing your clients or visitors will probably see when they get to your premises.
  • Also, garage doors allow access to your home or business, and therefore you do not want it in an ill form as it could cause traffic in your industry.
  • For these reasons, we need always to ensure that the garage door is in perfect shape at all times.
  • This can be possible by inspecting your garage door from time to time.
  • Performing garage door inspections help to realize problems earlier before there is uncontrollable damage.
  • You can either inspect on your own regularly or call a professional periodically for the same.
  • During the inspection, ensure you give every part of the door close attention, and the expert should perform repairs when needed.
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Unaligned door repair

  • An unaligned door means that the door is hanging on one side.
  • This translates to a lot of stress transferred to other door parts like the springs.
  • As a result, it may make your garage door parts wear out and in worst cases, break with a thud, which can be hazardous to the door users.
  • It is, therefore, vital to keep your door balanced to keep yourself safe from all these repercussions.
  • A balanced door will means safety to the door users and also maximizes the life of your door.
  • How do you know whether your door is at balance?
  • A balanced door test is pretty simple and does not need a specialist to perform.
  • All you need is to operate your door without the help of a motor.
  • In other words, do it manually. If it is effortless to open and close the door, then the door is balanced.

However, if you have to do heavy lifting since your door is sticking on the ground when opening and closing, then you need to call a specialist to align it.

Brands We Work With

In our 25-year industry experience, we only want the best when it comes to picking out the best locks manufacturers in today’s market. Here are some of our popular lock brands that are trusted all over Canada for their security and durability.

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