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How to go about unlocking a door.

When trapped outside a building due to a lost key, the best person to call is a locksmith. We not only have the best locksmith services but also offer them the best services. Recently, we had a client who called into our offices requesting a door unlocking service. He lost his key on his way from work, and since it was already late, he could not go back to the office. That is when he decided to call us for a lockout solution. Having inquired about the type of locks he had, we already had a plan in place to open the door. In less than 30 minutes, we were at his home, ready to open the door. When dealing with a locked door without a key, it takes unique and experienced skills of a professional to open the door.

That is why we are here.

The process is defined and easy to perform. But, before we get down to how to unlock a door without a key, here are some tips:

  • Cost of opening a door
  • How to unlock a bathroom door?
  • Unlocking a deadbolt lock
  • Opening a car door
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Cost of unlocking a door

The cost of unlocking a door varies depending on the type of lock, the amount of work put in, and the service you need.

Did you lock yourself out, or the key broke in the lock? The services vary depending on the location too.

On average, it costs between $50 and $250 to hire a locksmith. However, these costs are different for various locksmith services.

If you want to unlock a car, then the prices will differ from the unlocking of a residential door.

Unlocking a deadbolt lock

The best and most common method used by many locksmiths to open a deadbolt lock is by using two bobby pins.

A locksmith will start by inserting a closed end of the nails into the portion of the lock.

Using the second pin, you break the first pin in half, towards the top.

Once both pins are in place, move the pins back and forth till the lock opens.

How to unlock a car door

There are various ways of opening your car’s door in case you lose your car key, or you happened to lock them inside your vehicle.

Among the many ways to open a car’s door lock is using a locksmith wedge.

The wedge can be vinyl, metallic, or plastic.

The purpose of this wedge is to pull the door up so that you get space to insert a thin metal rod to pull the pin on the locked door.

When you lack this metal rod, your clothes hanger can work as well.

You will use them as a hook, which you will insert and the pull for the pin to disengage.

Be careful not to damage the weatherstrip during the process.

Also, a slim Jim is another tool you can use to unlock a car lock.

With this one, you have to be careful as it can damage the weatherstrip and the wires at the door.

Some training will be necessary to use his tool. For lesser damage, use it to unlock the passenger’s door as it has fewer wires compared to the driver’s door.

Insert the slim Jim through the weatherstrip to get to the door locking mechanism.

Once you figure the locking mechanism, use the hooked end of the tool to grasp the lock pin.

Once firmly grasped, pull the tool, and the lock will immediately disengage.

Finally, you can get inside the car via the trunk of your vehicle is manually operated.

For a manually operated car, there is a possibility that your trunk will be open even if the doors are locked.

All you have to do is get to the trunk and push the behind seats to the front slightly so that you get enough space to crawl into your car and manually open the doors.

This is the safest method to unlock your car when you do not have the keys, but it still shows that your car’s security is at risk as anybody might do the same.

How to unlock a bathroom door

With little kids in the house, it is easy to lose your bathroom key, mainly because it is a place visited more often.

Bathroom doors come with their designed locks to provide privacy.

Picking a bathroom lock depends on what workings are on the lock.

Also, picking bathroom locks does not require you to purchase extraordinary tools. With a sharp-tipped knife, screwdriver

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