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Fire Rated Door Repair in Toronto

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The quality and workmanship of your commercial or industrial fire door is important. Your company can get fined and people can get hurt if the fire doors are not inspected. Locksmith on Demand has provided high-quality, innovative and reliable fire doors to commercial and mixed-use owners in Toronto for years. Our fire doors offer the benefit of rolling doors combined with automated features and the life-saving benefits of automatic fire protection. Our fire doors are designed to automatically close. They each have a Underwriters Laboratories 3-Over / Class ‘A’ Label of Oversize Certificate of Compliance. We take pride in our craftsmanship and customer service. That means we will make sure you get the door you need – one that is durable, reliable, and efficient.

Contact Locksmith on Demand online to schedule an evaluation and consultation at your site, as well as a free price estimate. We carry out licensed, certified inspections and repairs of fire doors, including emergency repairs – 24/7. You can also call us to discuss your specific needs or get expert answers to all of your commercial and industrial door questions or concerns.

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Locksmith on Demand provides commercial metal door repair and installation services in Toronto and the GTA area. Commercial steel doors and hollow metal doors are great for any commercial building property. They are secure and fire-rated, which adds safety for your employees, yourself and business units. If a fire occurs, these doors can hold back smoke from spreading. It is always better to stay safe. At Locksmith on Demand 24/7 Locksmiths, we can replace and install almost all types of steel and hollow metal doors. If you have a hollow metal door that needs to be fixed, there’s no need to call multiple companies. We’re able to do commercial metal door installation as well as provide other services at reasonable prices.

Different types of steel doors are used for different purposes, ranging from fire-rated doors to industrial doors that are opened with a forklift, pallet jack, or cart. The condition of the building and its structural integrity are essential factors in the operational life of the doors. The doors should swing without external resistance. If there are some structural changes to the building, the hollow metal door may no longer fit its opening space and should be replaced.

Hollow Metal Doors Door Repair Services

Metal Door Deformation

The weather conditions are also an important factor. Most exterior hollow metal doors are used for emergency exits. Usually, there is no cover structure or awning over these doors. In addition, hollow metal doors are painted a dark color that absorbs heat. Summer temperatures can cause the hollow metal doors to warp due to the heat. Over time, these effects can cause the door to become bowed along the edge, requiring it to be replaced.

Metal Door Traffic

How often the doors are used affects how long they will last. If the doors are used a lot, they will wear out faster. This is because people will damage the door, hinges, jambs, closers, and locks.

It is not just the amount of traffic that matters, but also who is using the doors. If young people are using the doors more often, they will get damaged more quickly.

Doors that people can hit with carts or hand trucks will also get damaged more quickly from all the traffic.

Metal Door Gaps

If the gaps are large or not level, this might mean there is a problem with the structure or something that was installed. If there is a larger gap, air might be able to get in.

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