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You could opt for something like a Kevo or an August Smart Lock, which offer smartphone access and monitoring, but there’s no keypad, just a deadbolt.

The Nexia provides smartphone access, while the keypad allows entry using a code.

Is there a keypad lock that allows remote entry/monitoring/ that doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee?

Hi GadgetBoy, I’m looking for a Kevo type deadbolt that also allows my kids to use a keypad, since they don’t have phones yet. What do you recommend for a small rental property with approximately 25 doors, that can be monitored off site (have iPhone so that could be an option), provide either multiple codes for housekeepers, guests and management.

I’m looking for a keyless lock because I want my kids to each have a code and not to have to carry anything (keys, fobs, cards, or phones) they can lose. I like the Schlage set up, and am willing to buy a router/hub but do not want to pay an endless monthly fee to have remote monitoring and access. An insurance company would rather give you the upfront discount now than to pay you later for damage and property loss accrued.

Still, since you already own it, I’d give Samsung a call and see if there’s a way to disable that feature.

Bend the end of the hanger in a way that will give you the proper leverage and power to push/slide the lock. Once you are happy with the way your latch is placed, affix it permanently to the door by screwing into place. You just need to make sure the lock mechanism is reversible, because if you place it on the inside, you need to ensure the latch faces the right way.

I also don’t feel right giving them a FOB access or key, so it would need a keypad. RFID, smart phone connectivity and a keypad? You could get a Z-Wave compatible lock (like the Kwikset SmartCode with Home Connect, which I’ll be reviewing here soon), but you’ll also need a separate Z-Wave controller for the remote monitoring side of things. It MIGHT be possible to install an Ezon door handle and a separate Ezon deadbolt and program them both to the same RFID / code, but I’d definitely call Samsung and confirm that before buying.

Houses may be less scary because the neighbors might be able to help locate expert who can help but automobile lockout can be dangerous. Many people are unaware of this and while it could make you at risk in most situations, this can just be what might save you. A locksmith can provide twenty four hour care, seven days per week.

If you’re calling a Salt Lake locksmith nine times out of ten it’s because something has gone wrong, maybe you’ve locked your keys in your car, or you’re locked out of your house. However, in some cases, you will need to call the police if you’ve been locked out of your vehicle. Plus they’d need to know how to disassemble and re-register, which is unlikely. I know it does). Ask around to see if anyone you know has needed these services and can recommend the company they used. I mean, don’t dunk it, but the external part of the deadbolt should be able to resist rain, as much as any ‘normal’ deadbolt can. The other issue is that it places a deadbolt latch on the outside of your house, which isn’t exactly secure!

But even if everything is alright inside your house, you still have to find a way to get back in, and this usually means damage and unnecessary expenses. I have accidently locked m bedroom doors and I cant seem to find the keys to the lock, will I ever get to see the inside of my room ever again? Another option is to go to a local store and buy tools to help get you inside your vehicle to retrieve your key.

Gadget Boy – We are looking for a very simple electronic key pad for a new vacation rental cottage. Looking for most cost-effective options with minimal upkeep and easy to operate and that codes can be changed frequently. Locking yourself out of you car can be a scary experience, especially if you are in a dark, deserted area. Are all these things possible without purchasing a subscription to anything? The downside is the monthly subscription cost, but it’s a powerful system that’s worth the money in my opinion. Attempting to pick your lock or take apart your security system on your own is not recommended.

Hi Denise, 3 point keyless systems do exist, but they’re less common, and the best bet is usually to hire a security company to set it up for you. Hi Guillermo, any of the door locks above could work for you, just make sure each lock is from the same system / company. However, for such specific requirements I would highly recommend hiring a reputable local security company to install and set everything up.

The highest security rating for an e-lock was the medeco maxum but I can’t find the electronic version on their site. Have you heard of the medeco as cnet gave them highest scores. However, if you have not been so lucky then you should continue reading. However, you should take advantage of this situation and have an additional spare key made. Or pick up a lock with mobile code access (such as Nexia) so you have full control and can monitor access. You need to have one in mind that you can call when you face emergencies and feel confident that they will respond in a timely manner.

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