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Diamond Key: In a drawer in the morgue, this key is on the body of one known kleptomaniac that continued even in his after life.

They should be able to provide you with a spare key, roadside assistance or they can even help remotely unlock your car after they verify that you are the owner.

Rifle gun stock: Found in the trunk of the police car that is opened by the key. Police Station Map For Upper Floors: Found in the lounge area. Basement Police Station Map: In the jail area.

Computer Keys: Needed for the weapons locker puzzle where two keys are busted off the terminal, both are found in the portable safe puzzles, one in the linens room and the other locker room area.

Some weapons and keys for example in an A scenario are specific to each character, just as their objectives and companions on their quests are different, ie: Leon with Ada and Claire with Sherry.

Ada’s area is very similar with tweaks to game play and for Sherry is a new area of the Orphanage added to the game.

The environments remain very much the same with tweaks the the A and B campaigns of both Claire and Leon where the locations of items may differ.

When passing both A and B for each character two other modes including the return of Hunk and Tofu are included in much harder races against time.

Some areas with opened doors, damaged items, or dead bodies in a B scenario are the result of a choice made by the character played first. Both the secondary characters do play short segments in the game but do not share the inventory of the main character.

Hip pouches: Needing more inventory slots, hip pouches are found around the game in the weapons room where you add the keys to the terminal, in the West Side office, Operators Room.

Let us admit it, we are all not experts when it comes to locks and we cannot risk our safety when we break our own property just to open locked doors due to lost keys.

Their range of service extends way beyond getting your car door open though.

They may be specialized in one area of skill, like dealing with only house door locking systems or may be dealing with various locking systems. The first is located right over the Goddess statue on the second floor, the next in the room off the library, and the last in a storage area on the third floor behind the C4 barricade.

Crank handle: Found in the jail area.

Electric Part One and Two: Found in the bell of the clock tower as well as the Generator Room these pieces open the puzzle in the jail cells. Detonator needed to blow open the C4 and get to the last of the medallions is in the small room off the Operations Room.

We met reluctantly following my 3 hour tear filled drive to get her from her foster parents In southern New Jersey. When I first met him in person, I was seated, and he walked toward me and extended his hand to say hello and shake mine.

The manufacturer of the security device, your car dealer, and your insurance company probably all say it can’t be picked, but locks can be, and often are, picked. 2. hide a key on the car.

The following key items are in the A scenario for Leon and Claire and may differ in location on B play-through. Red Jewel: Once the arm and book are attached the other arm of the statue lowers to reveal a scepter with the red jewel attached.

If you are worried about an intruder breaking into your home then a locksmith can fit extra door bolts to offer you not just additional locking protection but also extra locking points.

If your lock damaged, we can also replace and repair car ignition cylinders, door locks, glovebox and trunk locks.

The truth is that you will be risking your residential and commercial site if you hire the neighbourhood handyman to do your lock installation and lock repair.

I know how much of a frustrating experience this can be, but if you keep a cool head, your car lockout issue will be solved in no time.

Initially she didn’t wish to come with me and I was also reluctant as she was scruffy looking and she was much larger than I’d thought that she would be. If you wish to proceed, our customer specialist will dispatch your mobile locksmith.

With the right key machine, it is possible for the mobile locksmith to produce a replacement in the emergency or non-emergency situations. Unlocking your car by yourself is all right as long as you don’t damage the complex lock mechanisms and end up digging a hole in your own pocket in the form of repairing expenses.

I too have some limitations ands she’s always right by my side. Sadly she’s had few dog friends but luckily Gary plays with her in a doglike manner. There are only a select few car locksmith that actually own the expensive transponder key cutting and coding machinery.

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