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How to choose a high-security lock.

  • I recently moved to a new home, and as any other homeowner would do, I needed my locks changed.
  • My neighborhood had a history of not being secure, and installing locks was the least I could do, at least before I settled.
  • I did not have a specialist or a company in mind that I could contact.
  • I asked my neighbors and from my newly made friends or any recommendations.
  • The one company that each individual I asked wouldn’t leave behind was Locksmith on Demand.
  • I called them and explained to them what I wanted.
  • They first sent one locksmith who helped me in picking the best locks for both my interior and exterior doors.
  • Afterward, they sent two more guys to help with the installation.
  • If I needed a lock installation service again or a service related to my home security, I would absolutely call this company again.
  • Besides being friendly and professional, they were so efficient, and they delivered the best services in a short time.
  • In this era, burglary and break-ins are very popular, especially in residences.
  • People are, therefore, responding to the situation by installing high-security locks.
  • What most people don’t know is what to check for in a lock to it is secure.
  • This is what we are going to be looking at in this article.
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Features of a high-security lock

All locks are lockable, but not all locks possess the elements of high security.

Some of these features include;

A complex lock cylinder

A complex lock cylinder makes it difficult for a criminal to pick or bypass your lock.

If the lock has more detailed inner workings, it will challenge the intruder to impression the lock.

All locks can be bypassed, and picked, however, the more complex the lock cylinder, the harder and the more time it will take a burglar to get through it.

The lock’s metal content

You can tell the metal content of a lock by holding it at your hand.

A lock with high metal content is more massive that one with numerous holes and plastic composition.

A high-security lock possesses high meatal content.

Also, a lock with multiple holes means that it will require more drilling is done to install it, which leaves the area around the lock vulnerable. This can cost the security of your home.

Bolt strength

The bolt in your lock should be able to withstand as much force as possible.

High-security locks have hardened steel bolts that can withstand force arising from kicks, sledgehammers, and battering rams.

Also, a string bolt will resist cutting attacks when a criminal decided to use a hacksaw to open the lock.

In bulgers, a weak bolt will bend or snap very fast, making it easy for the criminal to get to your house.

It should be drill protected

Apart from sledgehammers, hacksaws, and battering rams being used in break-ins, criminals will also go the extra mile and drill your lock.

This method is common mainly because it is fast and works almost all the time.

A high-security lock has anti-drill precautions, and it will not be easy to break them.

When it comes to drilling, there are two parts of a lock to secure.

The screw set and the shear line.

Hardened steel ball bearings and anti-drill plates are used to protect them.

Key control

You don’t want a lock that everyone can get a spare key for.

If you want to limited access to your home, invest in high-security locks with patented keyways.

Patented keyways mean that getting a blank key has so many restrictions.

Nobody, if not the owner, will go to all the trouble of getting a key for this lock.

Price considerations

When it comes to security, prices of locks come in handy.

For locks, you will have to pay more to get a quality lock.

Most high-security locks contain more security elements, which will translate to higher prices.

However, be careful of people or manufacturers who will sell a brand when it actually has nothing much to offer.

For this, you will need the help of a professional.

Top high-security lock brands

There are so many brands of locks in the market today.

This makes it challenging to decide on which lock to purchase and have assured security.

The most reputed and secure lock brands include the Abloy, Mul-T-Lock, EVVA, Medeco, and Bi-lock.

If you are lookin for a door lock, contact us 24/7 and we will get you the best one on the best price.

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