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Some of the best home security locks to buy.

With the recent rise in break-in incidences, you definitely want your home fully secure.

Your peace of mind and feel comfortable living in your home is dependent on the security state of your place. I can tell from my personal experience. I recently moved to a new place and paid less attention to the need to change my locks, especially the exterior door one. I kept pushing away the thought until my neighbor called me one evening and told me that my house was broken into. The feeling of something that might have happened to my family killed me. I rushed home and found that everyone was safe except that my electronics and other expensive appliance were missing. A friend gave me a contact with a company that had helped him before with security issues. I was hesitant at first since, after the situation, I found it difficult to trust anyone. Eventually, I called, and they were fast to respond. They had very courteous employees who listened to everything I said. They were able to attend to me the same night, and thanks to them, my place is now fully secure. They changed all my locks and even installed an alarm system and surveillance cameras. There are various ways to keep your family and property safe at home. Some of the ways include;

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Installing high-security locks

Different people have different definitions of a high-security lock.

It solely depends on your needs.

There are numerous manufacturers for locks, which makes it easy to purchase sub-standard lock.

However, some reputable locks have managed to stay top in the market and ahead of other companies. These are;


Abloy, for so many years, has managed to lead in the lock market today.

Probably it is due to its protect2 model, which is challenging to pick.

The strength of this lock is undeniable. It is composed of hardened steel and is very solid.

Its parent company, Assa Abloy, is the most prominent, but this does not hinder us from recognizing their high-quality imprint, Abloy locks.


Also, Mul-T-Lock is a trendy brand for its high-security features.

Its manufacturers are very innovative on the way they make the pin tumblers and the sidebar system.

They are very much aware of how vulnerable locks are to drilling.

For this reason, they have incorporated string bolts which are resistant to cutting and drilling.


This company produces various types of locks, which all vary in quality.

However, this all this diversity, EVVA, still provides higher quality locks than many companies.

They have invested in the inner making of the lock by using innovative ways to make the lock cylinder challenging to pick or impression.

The most popular brand of this company is the MCS, which is a euro cylinder lock.

This lock is unique for its ability to make use of magnetic locking power.

This makes them resistant to physical attacks.


Macedo locks are very solid and are often common in commercial door lock.

This company makes Mecedo deadbolt lock, mortise locks, and knob locks, and many other locks.

They are very prominent and available in the market.

Although they do not offer the highest security, the manufacturers keep the prices competitive in the market.

Over the years, they have paid much attention to their customers’ feedback and are making the brand better each day.


Bi-lock has managed to stay at the top list of high-security locks, mainly due to the use of the same key system for all its products.

Its high-security lock cylinder makes it a challenge for criminals to overcome.

Their keys are unique, and only a few companies have the capability of duplicating them.

Their sidebar system and the two sets of pin tumblers are something you can make use of.

Their metal content differs from lock to lock.

Installing intercom systems

Intercom system installation is another way many homeowners are using to make their places secure.

There so many benefits of having an intercom system in your home.

Besides limiting access to individuals gaining access to your home, it brings a lot of convenience and luxury.

You do not have to walk to the gate or your door to see the visitors you have.

With an audiovisual intercom system, you can see them in the comfort of your seat or bed.

You can sue this system together with surveillance and alarm systems for top-notch security in your home.

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