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How to Change a Lock? | A Step-by-Step Guide

There are many reasons why you might have to change a lock. Maybe you just moved into a new home, maybe you lost your key, or you had a roommate move out, or maybe you just want to upgrade your security. Whatever the reason, you just want to feel safe and know that nobody will be able to enter your home without your permission.

Changing a lock does not have to be a very complicated process, and here we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to change a front door lock. 

Step by Step Guide on How to Change a Lock 

First of all, here’s what you’ll need to change lock:

  • New lock
  • Screwdriver
  • Chisel (if necessary)
  • Measuring tape

Step 1: Choose the right lock

Before you start, make sure you choose the right lock for your door. Consider the size and thickness of your door, as well as the type of lock you need. If you’re unsure, take a template of the existing lock with you when you go to buy the new one or, if possible, try to buy a lock that is the same make, model and manufacturer as the lock that you are replacing, which will make sure that it is the right fit for your door.

New deadbolt kits usually contain all the pieces you require, including the mounting hardware and interior turner. Make sure to get a lock that is keyed only on one side and has a turn assembly on the other.

Step 2: Remove the old lock

Remove the old lock from the door. Start by removing the screws from the faceplate. Then open the door and unscrew the side of the lock as well. Now you can remove the latch and deadbolt. It is important to know how to change a deadbolt. If there’s any filler around the lock, remove it too.

Step 3: Prepare the door

Measure the distance between the two holes in the door. This will ensure that the new lock will fit properly. If your new lock is not the same size as the old one, you might need to cut part of the door to accommodate it. In this case, use a chisel to remove any wood in the way carefully. If you like, then take help from door installation experts.

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Step 4: Install the new deadbolt

Installing the new lock pretty much means that you are doing everything you’ve done before, just in reverse. When installing the deadbolt, it is critical to install it the right way. Most new deadbolts nowadays are labelled with the word “up,” which makes things easier. After you insert it, use the short woodscrews to fasten it in place.

Deadbolt lock
Deadbolt lock

Step 5: Install the lock itself

The deadbolt has slots where you can fit in both the locking/key part and the turning part of your new lock. Make sure that the keyhole is vertically aligned on one side and that the turn assembly plate also has its top side at the top. Then use the provided screws to secure the lock to your door firmly.

Step 6: Test the lock

This is a very important step that you have to make before closing the door. Lock and unlock with the key, and also make sure that it locks and unlocks with the interior turner. The last thing you want to happen is that you assume the lock is working, and then it either does not lock, or you can’t open the door anymore. Once you make sure that the locking and unlocking on both sides work, test it again with the door closed.

Call in a Professional | Make a Right Choice

It is always good to know how to change locks in a new house. However, if you are unsure about which kind of lock you need or don’t have the time to do it yourself or are looking into upgrading your security to a magnetic or smart lock system, it is best to call on the professional experience of a locksmith like Locksmith on Demand. These systems are a lot more complex to install and, if not installed properly, can actually cause more problems than they solve. Our professional locksmiths are 24*7 available for emergency locksmith services having the equipment and expertise to install any lock to your full satisfaction.

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Installing new locks in your new house is crucial. It is best to hire experienced lock repair locksmith and skilled locksmiths to install new locks in the Greater Toronto Area. We have highly-qualified experts and offer competitive prices. We are fully equipped to replace or install new locks in your house.

Homeowners in Toronto focus on improving their homes, and it is important to know how to replace a door lock. Installing new and nice-looking locks can boost your home’s curb appeal since the first thing people see is your locks. It can also increase your home’s value. In addition, your locks can help protect your home from intruders. We install locks from popular brands, such as Medeco, Kwikset, Yale, Mul-t-lock, Baldwin, and Schlage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the locks yourself?

You can change standard deadbolt locks yourself with just a few tools. For more complex systems, such as magnetic and smart locks, we recommend hiring the services of a professional locksmith.

Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks?

In most cases, rekeying your lock will be cheaper than replacing the whole lock. This is because of the cheaper price of the key pins inside the locks, whereas when you replace a lock, you are paying for all brand-new parts.

What does it mean to rekey a lock?

To rekey a lock means that you are altering the lock mechanism itself so that the old key will no longer open it. In this process, the key pins will be altered to fit a new key. In some circumstances, rekeying your locks makes more sense than changing your locks.

Can I rekey a lock myself?

It is possible to rekey a lock yourself with a rekey kit and the current key to the lock. Rekeying a lock is a common task for a locksmith, though, and this simple project only takes about 30 minutes to complete. 

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