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Importance of Key Fob Access In Modern Days

Nowadays, a Key Fob Access Control system is extremely secure and employs technologies such as passive radio frequency identification (RFID), Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication (NFC). In a variety of businesses, traditional locks and keys are being phased out, and keyless entry, tap-to-pay, and fob technology are becoming more prevalent in our daily life.

A number of causes have contributed to this shift away from lock and key, including technical advancements, traditional system security vulnerabilities, and growing internal threats. Key fob access systems work by allowing a transmitter (typically the size of a credit card) to connect with a receiver (in a door or lock) to open and grant entry to a building, area, or vehicle. They’re essentially a short-range electronic key that delivers signals to open items within a limited distance.

Types of key cards and fobs

All fob access control systems are not created equal. There are a variety of door fob systems available. Each one sends signals to the access reader using a separate technology. We’ve listed four popular varieties below.

There are four common types of key cards and fobs:

  1. Wiegand key cards
  2. Swipe key cards
  3. RFID key fobs and cards
  4. Proximity cards

Key Fob Access Control: How does it work?

Key Fob Access Control systems, as mentioned in previous sections, are quite simple and rely on short-range communication between two devices to access doors, locks, vehicles, and other items. In more technical terms, these Key Fobs use RFID (radio frequency identification), which is a type of barcode system that transfers data via electromagnetic fields and transmits it to the system via radio waves. Holding your fob in front of the reader, which will read the microchip in your fob and open the door or lock, is all it takes to unlock a door or lock using a Key Fob.

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