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Learn how to become a locksmith in Toronto

Lock-out service, lock change service, car key replacement & creating a master key system, and more. To become a locksmith requires not only a lot of knowledge to acquire, but also many other things as well. A professional locksmith should know how to manipulate locks to work with a few different keys. On the other hand, the technician should know how to operate a few different devices to program a car key. Even though you don’t have to have a locksmith certificate in Toronto, Ontario. You still need to train, a lot. Locksmiths are not regulated by the Ontario county. Buy no locksmith company will hire you if you have no locksmith skills at all.

High School diploma is a must!

Trade professions as locksmith requires High School diploma according to Canada rules. You can start learning locksmithing at your high school. Ask your Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). Learning a profession like that in High School gives you a lot of benefits and you won’t have to pay apprenticeship charges. In addition, your school’s counselor might connect you to a local locksmith and help you out with your first steps in the business. When completing your studies, you’ll get credits towards your diploma.

The Association of Ontario Locksmiths (TAOL)

A reputable locksmith need to be licensed, bonded & insured. A good move towards being a reliable locksmith is to register to The Association of Ontario Locksmiths in order to grow up your locksmith networking and to find new opportunities. Many Ontario citizens are looking at the association website to find out info about reliable locksmith services.

Car Lockout service
Get the best car Lockout in Toronto

Keep Learning and develop a real locksmith skills

As most of these days professions, you have to be up-to-date in order to be a top locksmith technicians. What was good for 2000 will be a totally different in 2010, and what is reasonable to 2010, is an old fashion key ten years later. If you are not a high school student, but a standard adult that want to find a decent profession, you should acquire your skills a one of the legit locksmith services companies in Toronto. Or you can go to the Academy of Locksmithing at 2220 Midland Avenue, Unit 106. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, M1P 3E6

Locksmith equipment

A locksmith without tools sounds is like a fisherman without a hook. From the cheapest tools as a pick a lock set or a car lockout set, that can be found very easily on Amazon. To Key Cutting Machines (and you’ll need a few of those), Laser Cutting, Car Key Programming tools and many others. This equipment is not “Plug n’ Play” stuff. High Security Keys cutting & programming requires a lot of training on those machines. You must have a vary of key blanks to try on (and fail, and redo). If you want to become an expert locksmith in Toronto, it’s challenging in many ways, but highly profitable at the end.

Locksmith key cutting
car keys cutting and programming

Re-key. What does it means?

On a nutshell. A re-key means to change an old lock combination to a different one. A professional locksmith can do it with his eyes closed. Each kind of lock has a different pin length. Yale lock or Kwikset lock will use different pins for the same cutting. For example: When you look at a standard key, you see a different cutting heights. These cutting representing a code. This code has limitation of 1-5, 1-7 or 1-9. While no. 1 is the most thinner cut, and no. 5, 7 or 9 are the deepest cuts. You might not be able to jump between no. 1 cut to no. 5 cut, you will have to do no. 3 or 4 cut in between them.

Each lock requires a different tools to open up the lock mechanism and replace the pins. If you want to become a good locksmith, you’ll need to learn how to make a quick re-key.

Never stop learning on how to be a better locksmith

Like all other aspects in life. Like smartphones, google search, smart TV, applications and more, the Locksmith technology has been changed a lot during the last 25 years. From easy wire-on jumpers and starting an old car like in the movies. to a smart anti-theft based GPS, high security locking system in a one computer connected car.

Security became more and more complicated and much more cars technology is involved. Besides that, you will find 3rd Party tools that will offer you different functionality. With some key programming, you’ll pay a token for each time you program a car remote. This is why once you choose to become a locksmith, you’ll always have to improve your knowledge and skills.

doorknob locksmith toronto vaughan
Commercial locksmith toronto, fits the bill.

What a commercial locksmith needs to know?

After dealing with all the standard locks as doorknobs and deadbolts, you would want to learn the top of the cream locksmith service. A commercial locksmith in Toronto is a big thing. Business owners should trust you with their source of income, their store. A house locksmithing is a playground comparing to commercial locksmithing. Installing a commercial lock requires a vary of locksmith skills. Be sure with what you’re doing and don’t risk someone else’s money.

No doubt, the most impossible mission is to do a safe lock-out. Even skilled locksmith can fail it. To open a safe you need to read carefully the same safe model manual. After that you’ll need to drill the lock with a special drill. Most of the times it’s more frustrating then it looks like in James Bond movies. No tricks will work, it’s a hard job to do, but when it’s done right, you can take a day off.

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