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What to Do When You Lose Your House Keys

Losing your house keys can be dangerous and upsetting. To be sure that none can enter your home without a key if yours were lost or stolen, it is advised to have the locks changed right away. By doing this, you’ll stop someone from breaking in without your permission or using an entryway without proper identification.

However, replacing locks is more expensive than paying a locksmith to make new keys. In this blog, we’ll go over what to do when you lose your house keys so you’ll always be prepared. 

Stay Calm and Assess the Situation

One of the most distressing incidents a homeowner may go through is losing their keys because it compromises their home’s security and well-being. To handle the situation, it’s crucial to learn how to stay calm and evaluate the circumstances. First and foremost, take a deep breath and attempt to process what occurred; if that fails, ask yourself some questions to determine the current situation; this way, you’ll have enough knowledge at your disposal to come up with an ideal solution that works for you and your family. 

Retracing your steps can help you find your lost keys more quickly once you’ve assessed the situation, especially if you lost them while using public transportation. Check any garbage cans, any vehicles where your keys may have fallen from your pocket, and any clothing pockets for any indications that they may have done so. 

Be sure to get in touch with any family members or friends you may have provided a spare key to right away. Instead of trying to enter the home through windows or doors that are easily opened by others, it is wiser to have a backup plan in place. Doing so could result in more damage that will cost money to fix, not to mention giving trespassers a chance to enter your home undetected.

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Contact a Trusted Locksmith

Although losing your keys can be upsetting, remain calm. Impulsive responses could result in reckless choices like breaking into their home or, worse, getting injured. Contact a locksmith immediately for assistance, such as Locksmith On Demand, as they provide emergency lockout assistance 24/7. This will give you the best chance of getting back into your house.

Verify a locksmith’s credentials as soon as you hire them. Make sure they’ve been thoroughly evaluated, have been in business long enough, and, if possible, provide professional guarantees. Next, request a pricing estimate and find out their availability. 

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If you can’t find your keys, calling the police is essential to finding them and tracking them down if someone breaks into your house and takes them again. 

Change your locks as soon as you report the crime to the police. During this process, a locksmith will either drill or pick your existing locks to gain entry and then replace them with new ones; this prevents unauthorized entry from previous owners or tenants since they won’t have their original key anymore; it also provides an opportunity to think about additional security upgrades.

Consider Alternative Entry Methods

You’ll need to come up with a different entrance option if you don’t have a spare key for your house. If you misplace your keys, the only way in would be through a different entryway, such as a crawlspace entrance, a backdoor, or a window. You’d be surprised at how many people fail to lock their doors or windows properly and leave their entryways or windows unsecured, making this predicament actually an opportunity. Check every entrance of your property to find any other ways in. 

Another choice to think about is using a Bluetooth key finder or other similar device. These compact, portable gadgets come with remote lock features that let you secure your home without leaving and enable you to locate your keys fast with your phone or tablet.

Consult a locksmith to rekey or replace your locks if you are still unable to find your keys. It is a rather simple procedure that will make it impossible for anyone to enter until you get new keys. Make sure your local locksmiths have great reviews and provide outstanding customer service; changing your locks might be more reasonable than you think because many will give discounts when you buy new sets from them to replace lost ones.

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Replace or Rekey the Locks

Being locked out or having your keys stolen can be terrifying so it’s important to keep your cool and evaluate the situation calmly. If you don’t have a spare key, look around your house for possible entryways like back doors, windows, or crawl spaces; if not, ask friends or neighbours who might have spare keys for assistance getting back inside.

Think about whether it would be better to replace your locks or just rekey them entirely. While switching locks fully can give you brand-new locks that cannot be opened with old keys, rekeying entails changing internal components so that a lock no longer accepts its old key and must only be opened with a new one.

Rekeying locks is also advised after renting out any areas of your house to tenants, such as the basement or a garage apartment. It’s possible that the prior tenant made copies of your key without your knowledge. Rekeying your locks is significantly less expensive than replacing all of the locks, but it’s still a necessary security measure. 

Take Preventive Measures for the Future

It can be very upsetting to lose your keys, especially if it leaves you stranded outside your home, unable to enter. However, there are steps you may take to stop it from occurring again.

Try not to panic the moment you realize you’ve lost access. Worrying just makes things worse and can result in foolish behaviours like trying to break windows, which could lead to greater long-term damage and more expensive repairs. Panic never helps a situation and can often make things worse by leading to such acts. Instead, make a call or text someone with your key who could be home when you get there so they can open it for you.

Another preventative action is to give a trustworthy neighbour or family member a spare key so they can aid you if your keys are lost, and you won’t have to change locks at all. This strategy may offer a significantly safer option.

It’s advisable to change your locks immediately if your keys were stolen and are no longer in your possession. After all, safeguarding family members and possessions from robbers always comes first. If locks need to be replaced, ensure the new ones have features like keypad entry codes or other types of security like smart locks that enable door unlocking via smartphones or other smart devices.


Misplacing your house keys can be an anxiety-inducing and worrying scenario, but there are steps you can take to deal with it effectively. It’s crucial not to freak out if you find yourself in this situation. To start with, evaluate the circumstances and decide whether a backup key is available or if there is another easily accessible entrance. Otherwise, getting expert advice is advised. You may safely regain entry to your home with the help of Locksmith On Demand’s dependable house lockout services, which are accessible 24/7. 

Your home lockout emergency will be resolved quickly and securely thanks to the knowledge and equipment our team of skilled locksmiths has in handling different lock types. When you misplace your house keys, don’t hesitate to call Locksmith On Demand for quick and dependable service.


If I misplace my house key, should I be alarmed?

Losing your house key can be worrying, but it’s crucial to keep your cool and act quickly to address the issue.

If I misplace my keys, should the locks be changed?

If you are unsure of where your missing keys might be, changing the locks is advised as a preventative measure to safeguard your home’s security.

A misplaced key can be used to enter a door, but how?

Professional assistance is needed to open a door without a key. When looking for quick and secure door-opening solutions, it’s advisable to get in touch with a reputable locksmith service like Locksmith On Demand.

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