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Panic bars are not a mandatory feature of emergency exits in all types of public and private buildings as part of the fire compliance policies. For this reason, many businesses of all types are contacting their reliable local locksmiths for installation work in office buildings, gyms, malls, and more.

The panic bar is an innovative piece of security equipment designed to make opening the door from the inside very easy. In the event of an emergency, these doors should be opened with as little effort as possible. But they only facilitate escape from the building. As a formidable security device, the panic bar does not allow access to the building from the outside. This way it is a reliable device that addresses both sides of these critical access points. If you are looking for a reliable team of locksmith professionals to install the doors on your commercial building, we are the team you have been searching for. We are a local locksmith company with many years of experience providing first-rate services throughout the GTA. Each member of our highly qualified locksmith staff has the experience, skills, and tools to provide a full spectrum of locksmithing services and products.

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Because we supply our highly-trained technicians with the latest blacksmithing innovations in tools and equipment, we can provide installations of the highest quality that increase the durability of your security systems — and this includes the best panic bar installation services. Emergency exit locking systems have proven themselves time and time again as an important security feature of a modern commercial building. Many cities have strict guidelines about the security locks that can be applied to emergency exits. One of the regulations that should be considered is the requirement for panic bars in all commercial buildings for the safety of customers and employees. Panic bars allow for a fast and effective means of escape in case of an emergency. If you have a Toronto business and are interested in installing panic bars in your emergency exits, call us today at [phone]. We are the experts in installation, maintenance, and repairs as needed.

How do push bars work?

The most important aspect of the panic bar is its simplistic unlocking feature that improves the function of an emergency exit. It features a spring-loaded bar. When pushed, this bar releases the latch on the door allowing the occupants of the building an easy escape.

Push bars have been designed with the panic and confusion of an emergency in mind. Many times, emergencies feature low visibility due to power outages or thick smoke. This can make locating a door knob slightly challenging. If conventional door knobs and keys were used in emergencies, it would be very difficult for a throng of people to exit a building.

The situation can become even more lethal when panic ensues; the chaos can cause generally good-natured people to stampede resulting in loss of life. To avoid these situations, push bars should be installed at emergency exits.

How secure are push bars against break-ins?

Businesses of all types are now required to install panic bars at their emergency exits as part of the fire-compliant policies that are now in effect. This means that many safety-minded business owners such as yourself will be seeking out reliable locksmith services to handle this important installation work. In addition to facilitating emergency exits and avoiding the chaos and dangers of emergencies, panic bars also provide formidable security to the exterior of the building.

These devices are also used for security purposes. The emergency exit should not be an access point for outsiders to enter the building, it should be used as an exit only. To prevent entry from emergency exits, the panic bar provides considerable security, ensuring that the emergency exit, while easy to open from within, is not easily accessed from outside.

If you have been wondering about getting this installation work done and considering which installation team to choose for the task, look no further. At Locksmith on Demand we have been providing the GTA with first-rate locksmith services for the past 20 years and look forward to adding your business to our lengthy list of satisfied customers.

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Our highly-trained and well-equipped team of locksmithing technicians have the skills and experience to deliver a first-rate job for all your locksmithing and security needs. Because they are supplied with an industry-leading blacksmithing equipment and state-of-the-art tools, our locksmithing technicians can ensure that all security aspects of your locations are protected and secured.

There have been countless times in the past when the right security features on safety locks have saved lives and protected property. Many cities have set up specific guidelines and regulations for their emergency exit locks. It has become mandatory now to install emergency locks like push bars at emergency exits and entrances to keep customers and employees safe.

Push bars increase the effectiveness of your emergency entrances and exit ensuring ease of escape of an emergency. If you have a commercial location in or around Toronto, Ontario, call us up at 647-477-4108 and get a FREE estimate for your project. We offer maintenance, repairs, and installation services for all types of security systems — including panic bars.

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