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Secure Your Building With Key Fob Access Entry Systems

For both big and small facilities, LockSmith On Demand provides keyless door entry solutions. Our certified access control specialists will help you develop and install the most secure and cost-effective Key Fob access system, guaranteed to suit your unique needs, from single to multi-door to sophisticated multi-building installs.

Benefits Of Fob Access 

By preventing unauthorized entry into your residential building, business, office, or commercial space, a key fob door entry system provides the ideal combination of security and convenience.

Nothing can be more important to you as a company owner or property manager than the wellbeing of the people and properties of your facility.  

Here are the benefits we must know:

  • A more secure and well-controlled environment
  • Theft and aggression are less likely to occur.
  • Tenants, staff, and tourists are all tracked automatically.
  • Replaceable and reprogrammable at a low cost
  • Keyless entry is managed fully without the use of a key.

Fob Access System For Commercial Purposes 

A professionally mounted Key Fob device for business will support any commercial facility. Entrances, security doors, offices, and restricted areas will all benefit from a limited entry Key Fob scheme. To optimize power, surveillance, and transparency, several layers of access can be established, allowing you to monitor individual workers in the building at any time.

Without the requirement for a single physical key, a Key Fob entry device provides a new level of functionality, enabling company owners and office managers to quickly replace and reprogram fobs for workers, establish temporary permissions, and remove access rights from retired staff members.

Fob Access System For Residential Buildings and Apartments 

Only you have keys to secure entrance doors and gates, individual apartments, garages, and restricted areas inside the home, such as the gym and pool room.

When opposed to traditional keys, the Key Fob entry scheme saves money. You will deactivate a tenant’s fob and replace it at absolutely no cost if it is missing or broken, or if they move out.

Are You Looking For a Commercial keyless Fob Access System?

Request a consultation with Lock Smith On Demand to see if keyless entry is the best option for your business. We’d be delighted to answer any questions you have about remote entry hardware, programming, or installation. In Canada, we’ve spent years developing and building keyless and remote entry solutions.

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