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Types of Locks

Various types of locks in the market today.

Once, a client called us, wanting to buy a new lock for his home.

He had lost his keys one too many times now, and he feared that a rekeying service would not be enough.

When he called, we had a conversation on what he wanted to have, and whether he had special requirements on his locks.

He said he wanted to upgrade the level of security of the locks he uses and needed them to be more convenient.

When asked if he wanted them smart or keyed, he went with the keypad type.

However, the option was too expensive at the moment, and he needed to make a new selection.

That is when we presented the padlock guide to him.

After discussing some of the padlocks he settled no one, which we installed the next day.

Guide for various types of locks in the market

When it comes to securing your family and property, the first thing that rings in your mind is the installation of locks.

It is the cheapest, most effective, and the most popular way.

Purchasing the lock is always not a hard task. The task is finding the lock that will suit your needs and meet the levels of security you wish to achieve.

With this guide, you will be able to learn about the different locks that exist and their security considerations.


Padlocks are portable lock and are not attached to a wall or a door.

They safeguard items with the help of a shackle.

Padlocks come in different sizes and two styles.

There is the keyed and combination padlock.

What is similar between these two padlocks is that they have a shackle, the body, and a locking mechanism.

The keyed padlocks, like the name, suggests, use a key to open the lock.

They can be key retaining and non-key retaining.

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The key retaining padlocks they keep the key when the lock is open, and you can only disengage them when you lock the padlock.

The non-key retaining padlock allows the key to disconnect even when the lock is open.

It is effortless to bypass, pick, and break a padlock and, therefore, not the best lock to use for you.

A combination padlock, on the other hand, uses a series of numbers that have to be appropriately lined for the padlock to unlock.

Doorknob locks

Knob locks are commonly found in residential areas and are used in both interior and exterior doors.

This lock has a key cylinder on one side of the lock and a doorknob on the other.

It is not always a good idea to use this lock independently for exterior doors.

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Use it together with another lock like a deadbolt for enhanced security.

They are easy to bypass.

All a robber needs is a hammer to break the lock or a pair of pliers to disengage the locking mechanism.


The deadbolot lock is mostly found on exterior doors in homes and is most of the time used together with a doorknob.

Deadbolts have a cylinder that rotates, driving a bolt to the frame.

Once the bolt has moved, it can’t turn again until the cylinder rotates once more.

Compared to the knob locks, these locks are more secure and cannot be broken easily or shimmed.

However, it is easy to pick them since the lock uses a pin tumbler locking mechanism.

There are three kinds of deadbolt locks.

There is the single-cylinder, double cylinder, and the lockable thumb turn.

For the single-cylinder lock, they have two different types of locking mechanisms.

They utilize a key cylinder on the outside, and a thumb turns on the other.

Thus, you will need a key to get access to the house if you are on the outside and only need to turn a thumb turn to open the door when you within the home.

The double cylinder has a key cylinder on either side of the door.

Thus, you will require a key to open the door regardless of whether you are inside or outside the house.

The lockable thumb turn works similarly to the single-cylinder lock with a thumb turn and a key cylinder on the sides of the door.

However, this lock has enhanced security since it allows you to lock the thumb turn. Thus, it is a hybrid of a single and double cylinder lock.

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