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What Is Door Closer Installation?

Door closers make it simple and safe to open and close doors. Manual door closers and automatic door closers are the two primary types. Manual door closers open with a push and then gently close. Automatic door closers open and close the door using electrical energy, making them excellent for disabled people and for smooth access and leave.

When it comes to door closer installation, you need to know the door closer types. Manual and automatic door closers are the two types of door closers. Manual door closers use a torsion spring compression and release system, the speed of which is controlled by hydraulic or spring dampers. The automatic door closer, on the other hand, is activated or controlled by push buttons, motion detectors, and other devices that detect presence and open and close the door as needed. 

Importance of Door Closer Installation

The most prevalent use for door closers is on fire-resistant doors. Door closers installation assist preserve lives and property by successfully preventing the spread of fire and smoke to other parts of the structure. Disabled people benefit from door closers because they provide resistance to opening forces. Apart from boosting the building’s aesthetic appeal, door closers also help to improve the health, well-being, and security of its occupants by maintaining a comfortable room temperature and reducing the risk of vandalism.

Professional Door Closer Installation Services 

Locksmith On Demand specializes in door closer installation and adjustment for all sorts of doors and frames, including interior and exterior doors, heavy duty doors, fire doors, sliding doors, metal doors, aluminum doors, wood doors, gates, and more.

Our door closer experts can recommend the best door closers for your needs and properly install them for the best results. We work in strict accordance with New York building and fire rules, as well as ADA guidelines, and only use UL-listed door closers. 

To learn more about installing and modifying a door closer, contact us now.

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