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Getting locked out of your office isn’t unusual, especially if you are still using the traditional lock and key system. The first thing many business owners might try is to unlock the door by applying an external force which might damage the door as well. The best alternative way is to contact an experienced commercial locksmith. Locksmith on Demand has a team of highly-trained and certified commercial locksmiths who can unlock any door in no time. 

With the help of our expert technicians, you don’t need to waste your time or call the day off. It doesn’t matter if you are using the old lock system or have a high-security system in place, Locksmith on Demand can use several different methods to mitigate the solution while lowering the risk and repair cost as much as possible. 

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Our Commercial locksmith service

Locksmith on Demand is a full-service security service provider with all kinds of commercial locksmiths solutions. We offer services ranges from installation of new locks, rekeying, unlocking, maintenance, or repair of security systems. 

Installation of new commercial locks

Whether you have established your new business or already running an established one, we offer affordable commercial locksmith services to businesses of all sizes. Obviously, if you have built new infrastructure, you are going to need a new set of locks and keys. 

If you are shifting to a new place, you might want to replace the existing locks with the new ones to improve the security of your premises. Here the Locksmith on Demand can help you. Our expert team of commercial locksmiths can assess the complete security system and advise you on a security system that fits best according to your security needs and budget. 

The duplicate key

It is not uncommon to lose a key. It might be you or an employee of you who you have trusted the key with. If this happens, our commercial locksmiths can rekey your locks in no time. They would remove pins and springs from the lock cylinder and replace it with the new cylinder that would take a new key to unlock. This is to ensure that everything behind that door is safe and secure. Our commercial locksmiths can also create a duplicate key for you. 

The repair

Just like any other piece of hardware, locks can go through tears and wear with time. Perhaps, replacing the entire security system can be slightly expensive. Our commercial locksmiths on Locksmith on Demand can repair old locks or broken keys. For electronic locks, the writing might be a malfunction, and no one can take care of such problems but a certified professional commercial locksmith. 

We are available 24×7

Having a trustworthy locksmith in a time of urgency can be of great help and is necessary to keep your business functional without any delay. Whether you are running a small facility or have a large manufacturing unit, we believe that our expert commercial locksmiths can help you. We understand the high standards of safety in commercial properties. We are professionals and you can trust us with your privacy. We are available at just one phone call within the areas we provide services. 

What makes us the best commercial locksmith service? 

We not only offer commercial locksmith services but also provide uninterrupted 24×7 all types of locksmith and security services. We are licensed, bonded, and insured that makes us unique and trustworthy as compared to other locksmith services in the area. 

We are committed to delivering the best security services to the community of the Toronto area. You can call us at 647-477-4108 for all types of security systems and locksmith-related problems such as unlocking, duplication of the key, residential, commercial, or automotive lockout situation with key programming, key replacement, remote programming, and key cutting, etc. 

Affordable commercial locksmith service

There are almost hundreds of locksmith services working in Toronto right now, and almost all of these claim to be the best service provider. Some of these services are quite inexpensive compared to the others and then there are freelancers as well. 

Judging the quality of the service even before hiring can be a problem. Many homeowners choose to consider the expense factor to measure the quality of the service but this is far away from the trust. Most of the time choosing the cheapest service isn’t always the best choice especially if we are talking about the security of your business. 

We at Locksmith on demand don’t have such claims. But we promise our clients to provide the best value for their money. If you need any commercial locksmith service, feel free to call us for the quote or scheduling time with us. 

FAQ - commercial locksmith

There are tons of locksmith services in Toronto. In order to choose the right locksmith technician for you, is to to look up for reviews.

This is why we record video testimonials. It’s important to have transparency communication with our clients.


We don’t give a price just to fish a client, and then change the price. Once you have a quote, the price wont change, unless the job description is wrong.

Changing the locks is more expensive then Rekey and you should change it if the locks are broken or old and rustic, or if you wish to upgrade your lock to a better security lock.

Changing a lock takes about 30 minutes - however it depends on the lock type and the door style.

Rekey a lock or Rekeying means you are changing the keys- without changing the lock. you keep the same lock- but the old key will no longer work. you change the pins inside the locks, this way you set a new that will operate the lock. it is a cheaper way then changing your locks and secure.

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